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What’s New About Online Casinos For US Players?

Ask a typical American to list down five popular vacation destinations and chances are that that list will include Las Vegas Online Casino or Atlantic City or Reno or any city that has a good presence of casinos. Enjoying the excitement of legal gambling, cheap food, cheap hotels and plenty of entertainment ranks high in the American mind when it comes to having fun. Americans are known for their keen affection to slot machines and casino tables as a unique part of their culture.

One would think therefore that when they are not vacationing in Las Vegas or similar places, millions of Americans would be indulging their passion for gaming through online casino’s that clutter the internet.

This certainly would have been the case except for the fact that federal legislation has made it more difficult for Americans than citizens of all the other countries to indulge on online gambling?

Are online casinos for US players illegal?

Strictly, no. Americans still have the freedom and right to play online games as they wish. But, legislation has made it difficult to place bets or collect winnings through online facilities like credit cards and online money transfer. Further, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) prohibits the operation and maintenance of computerized systems and servers that offer online casinos for US players.

As a result of UIGEA, major credit card companies and US banks stopped providing financial service to known operators of online casino and online gambling websites.

Are there available online casinos for US players anywhere?

Yes. Fortunately for those who are keenly interested in playing online games of chance, there is a growing number of foreign-based websites who accept business from US based players. The Internet transcends political boundaries and jurisdictions. It is technically possible for two or more parties based on different countries to transact business together.

Are online casinos for US players legitimate?

Well, this is an area where US players should be careful about. There are many online casinos that are operating outside of US borders that are actually licensed by the governments of the countries where they are based. Examples of countries that have issued licenses for online casinos are Curacao, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom. Some of the known online casinos for US players that are licensed in Curacao are Loco Panda Casino, Grand Parker Casino, Classy Coin Casino and the OnBling Casino all of which are actually owned by one company.

But then there are foreign-based online casinos which claim to be licensed by actually are not licensed or their licenses have already been revoked. Again, American players will just have to be careful about choosing the online casinos they want to do business with.

The search for legitimate online casinos for US players is helped by the existence of websites that monitor and publish reports (favorable or unfavorable) about the management and operations of the growing number of online casinos for US players. Obviously this is part of coordinated efforts of honest and well-meaning online casino operators to adopt a measure of self-regulation. This move is certainly helpful to players and makes up for the lack of a formal regulation and strict supervision that customers are used to expect concerning land-based casinos that are licensed by the US state governments.

What Type Of Games Are At USA Casinos Online?

There are many exciting games to be played at USA Casinos Online, such as : slots, poker, Blackjack, and craps. Each casino will have new games that they have added for the gambler to try his or luck with. For the individual who like playing against other people, there will be slots and poker tournaments as well. The tournaments normally last from hours to as long as a week in length, giving the individual a good chance to win a lot of cash. If playing the slot machines is not some thing an individual enjoys, there are plenty other exiting games that they can try their hand at.

What Is The Minimum Amount I Can Deposit At USA Casinos Online?

At the USA Casinos Online the minimum amount that an individual may deposit is between twenty and fifty dollars. All the casinos on the USA Casinos Online webpage will have different minimum deposit rules, it is in the individuals best interest to take the time to read through some of the rules, before attempting to make a deposit. However, when an individual does make his or her first deposit, there are some very nice matching bonuses he or she can choose from.

What Type Of New Bonuses Do The Casinos On The USA Casinos Online Webpage Have?

The casinos on the USA Casinos Online webpages will offer some of the very first time deposit bonuses, matching bonuses up to five thousand percent, and some out of this world VIP member bonuses. Of course, there will be the all time favorite: The free chip. A few of the casinos have came up with large matching bonuses that can be used more than once, and a new bonus that is so large, that it is split in half. The first half is when the individuals makes his or her first deposit, and then the second half when the individual makes the second deposit.

Is Ruby Slots On The USA Casinos Online Website?

Yes, ruby slots, Cool Cat, and OnBling, and many other very nice casinos can be found on the USA Casinos Online website. As long as the casino allows players from the USA to gamble at their casino, they will be added to the ever growing list. On the USA Casinos Online website, an individual can find many of their favorite casinos as well as some brand new ones.

If A Casino Is Not Listed On The USA Casinos Online Webpages, Does That Mean People From The USA Can Not Gamble At Them?

Typically if a casino accepts people from the USA, it will be listed on the USA Casinos Online webpages. However, just typing into the search bar ” USA online casinos” should bring up many casinos that take USA gamblers. Casinos that can not accept people from the USA will never be listed on these sites. All of the casinos that accept USA players have plenty of exciting games that will entertain and thrill even the most hard core gambler.

Do You Know Top US Online Casinos And Their General Information?

Types of Games Are Offered By Top US Online Casinos?

Top online US online casinos offer a wide range of games which do not need long queing.The games are of different types to enjoyment and competition and serve people with different interests. Card games, table games, slots, lottery games etc are offered to suit different tastes and preferences of different clients. Table and card games include: roulette, blackjack and different kinds of online poker like tequila poker, casino hold’em among others. The slots include the multi lined video slot machines and the classic slots. Different versions of the main games like the black jack and roulette are available for people who wish to specialize and enhance their perfection. Many offer a minimum of 200 games and up to a maximum of 600 games.

Why Play At Top US Online Casinos?

The Top US online casinos offer a wide variety of games which suit your specific suites and preferences.Furthermore, specialised sections of games are available for people who wish to concentrate on one type of game. Ones you register, you will play for real money and then enable you take advantage of different modes of payments offered. They are powered by powerful soft wares like the micro gaming and playtech which enhance easy loading of games on the internet. You also got to enjoy large bonuses at different times after registration.

How Do I Deposit My Payments At Top US Online Casinos?

Varieties of methods are made available by top US online casinos to enhance payment and withdrawal of funds. The modes are quicker, easier with no complications at all. The minimum amount set to withdraw funds are usually very low. E wallets , American express, debit cards, credit cards, master cards, pay pal and many other modes can be used to deposit. Different withdrawal channels are also available like the wire transfer, money gram, check and western union. The withdrawals are prompt and take as little as five business days to reflect in your account.

What Are Some Of The Considerations You Have To Make Before Choosing Top US Online Casinos?

Before signing up for any online Top US casino, examine their welcome bonuses. Games variety which suite your tastes, preferences and interests is a must check. The casino should not give squeezed and minimal types of games. The mode of operation of the casinos like their different ways of communicating to them is fundamental. Customer care services offered should be wide ranging from telephone calls, emails and live chats. Time taken to respond to your inquiries should be short enough in order to facilitate your concentration while gaming. Their loyalty to customers in terms of jackpots and promotions shows how much they appreciate your membership.

Are There Any Downloadable And No Download Versions Offered By Top Online US Casinos?

Top online US casinos offer free games to familiarise yourself with the rules before putting your own money on betting. People with weak internet connections or slower computers use no download versions though they are fast; they contain less games as compared to downloadable versions. They can be played anywhere at your own comfort through the web browser. No download casinos offer privacy and security since it doesn’t have icons on the desktop of the computer. Anything that can be done in downloadable versions can be done in non download versions and vice versa.US casinos do offer both versions for people with different tastes.

What Important Things Are You Supposed To Know About US Online Casinos?

What Makes Gambling At Us Online Casinos Unique?

While playing at any of the US Online Casinos, there is a lot of fun that is involved. This is because players at the casinos always feel excited while they play at the comfort of their homes. Modern technology is always used and put into place in order for everyone to feel good while making bets at the casinos. People with great minds meet at these casinos. Becoming a member at these casinos is free provided that players satisfy a minimum age of eighteen years and above.

What Privileges Do New Members Enjoy At The US Online Casinos?

There are a lot of benefits in store for each and every new member at any of the US Online Casinos. New players at these casinos are required to open individual new online casino accounts and make instant initial deposit. Any amount of money is accepted as the initial online deposit. Such deposits remain as an individual decision. However, US citizens can open virtual accounts if they do not want to gamble using real accounts.

How Can Someone Differentiate Between The Accounts Available For Use At The US Online Casinos?

Players at US Online Casinos can use either the real accounts or virtual accounts in order to make bets. However, the difference between these two accounts is that one cannot withdraw cash in the virtual account. This is because the figures in the Virtual account do not indicate real money. However, to a real account, one can deposit or withdraw the balances depending on an individual’s tastes and preferences.


What Type Of Games Do People Play At The US Online Casinos?

Games at US Online Casinos are unique and numerous. Players can choose from online slot games to football games among many other casino games. Therefore, there is a wide selection of available casino games that players can select in order to earn more money.

What Makes The Games At Us Online Casinos Fantastic?

All the US Online Casinos use the latest real time gaming casino software which has all the casino games features in it. Such casino games are combined in a single platform in order to manage all aspects real casino. This means that there is no single difference between playing online casino and playing real casino in the major clubs in town.

What Makes US Online Casinos Software Useful And Competent?

US Online Casinos software interacts with online players in order to guide them in all moments of gambling. This means that players need to use the available tools on the screen in order to gamble with other players. The screens are well customized to help the players have an easy time at the casinos. Navigation is made simple and easy and therefore, new players can interact while online with professional players.

Who Is Allowed To Gamble At The US Online Casinos?

Everyone is allowed to gamble at the US Online Casinos without any discrimination provided that he or she is a US citizen. However, all minors are exempted from gambling because the casinos in the US are meant for the seniors only. However, children can use virtual accounts or use their parent’s accounts to make gambles.